Easyprep is a registered service mark of Virtual Educational Services which focuses on enhancing the educational process for students.


Virtual Educational Services (Easyprep) is the first internet based educational institution focused on making the educational process more efficient and effective for all levels of the educational spectrum (Primary, Junior High Schools and Senior high schools). Easyprep serves as a virtual teaching assistant (home teacher) for the educational process. Students can follow along with curriculum electronically through a web application hosted on the internet and subscriptions for service paid through any payment platform in the student's country of residence. 

Easyprep's keys to success are the company's commitment to market awareness and future potential direction of the educational process and relationship with a large number of educational institutions. Relationships have been established with a large number of content vendors (experienced teachers) across the world. Significant investments have been made by Easyprep to research and understand the specific needs and potential enhancements to the current educational process.



Easyprep will be the leading repository for well researched digital educational content, recognized for its intellectual, cultural, technological, and professional contributions and renowned for its outstanding partnerships. Easyprep will be a leader among educational institutions by building on its foundations of innovation, problem solving and collaboration to meet the changing needs of students.



Easyprep aims to offer online educational curriculum suites to students from the Primary to the Secondary level. Easyprep will focus on providing solutions to enhance the educational capabilities of students through the use of technology.